Analysis of your needs

CBlue delivers its platforms based on detailed specifications developed in collaboration with our customers. We make it a point of honor to correctly identify your needs in order to define together the guidelines of your project. 

Platform integration

Thanks to this analysis, we adapt the platform to facilitate its management and administration. We also take care of the visual aspect of your platform so that it integrates with your tools. Last but not least, we arrange the functionalities of your platform so that it corresponds to your needs and is as easy to use as possible. While presenting exclusively the functionalities necessary to each user according to his role: learner, trainer, tutor, manager...

Development of new features

According to your needs, in addition to adaptations, we can also develop new features specific to your use. These features benefit from the modular nature of the platform. Thus, most of the time, they take the form of a module that can be simply added and activated on your platform. 

Consulting and integration of training content

The content of an e-learning platform can take many forms. On the one hand, there are the classic activities, the provision of fonts, etc. and on the other hand, the various standards of the e-learning world such as AICC, SCORM, xAPI, H5P... CBlue is familiar with these and can therefore advise you on their use. CBlue can also get in touch with your content editors in order to find out the prerequisites or the links to be created between your provider and your e-learning platform. 


Once the platform is in place, CBlue proposes to ensure the maintenance. This implies the regular installation of new versions so that you can continue to benefit from the new functionalities. In fact, every 6 months, a new major version of Moodle™ arrives with its share of new features. Upgrades are obviously not mandatory for the maintenance of your platform.


We also offer to host your platform: our hosting is optimized to meet all the needs of your e-learning solution. 

To this end, we have our own network and our own infrastructure. You can therefore be sure that your platform will have an optimal and particularly redundant infrastructure. We propose, indeed, the hosting of your platform on a cluster of high availability composed of a great number of servers. This hosting solution is also accompanied by a clear contractual framework, offering service guarantees (called Service Level Agreement SLA) as well as a 24-hour availability of our team. A special attention is also proposed in our contracts to offer a "compatibility" with the various requirements of the RGPD.

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