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CBlue's goal is to develop platforms that are simple in design and use. The goal is to allow users to go to the platform and use it directly without any prior training. We focus on intuitiveness and simplicity. This allows us to offer a certain autonomy to the customers administrators of the platform and thus to decrease the requests of support.


The Moodle™ software platform has been designed from the start to be modular. There are thousands of plugins that can be adapted to suit your needs. We can easily develop new modules as the Moodle™ software is based on PHP, the most widely used language for web application development today.


The Moodle™ software platform has a worldwide community. This community allows the Moodle™ software platform to evolve continuously by offering their own development to other users. CBlue also plays the game and offers its own specific and functional developments to the Moodle community. In this way, the modules offered are tested by a multitude of actors and benefit from worldwide feedback.

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    • A responsive partner who took charge of creating a customized learning environment

      CBlue develops for us a customized e-learning platform adapted to our audience and our organization. CBlue has been able to demonstrate, for many years, not only its capacity to develop a wide range of tools (customized interface, integration of external systmes, vidéo-conferencing tools, real-time notification tools, etc.) but also its ability to ensure the maintenance and quality of these developments over time. The multi-skilled team at CBlue is very responsibe to problems, which is often requested by our users.

      The UIMM team - Education department
    • We were pleased to be able to benefit from the expertise of CBlue

      For the development of the 'eDiv.be' project, a unique online tool for an inclusive and diverse working environment, we were happy to be able to benefit from the expertise of CBlue. The team listens, offers tailor-made solutions and delivers on time. CBlue is easy to reach because of its proximity to the company and the openness of its colleagues. Moreover, CBlue knows about the accessibility of websites, a legal obligation since the end of 2020. CBlue has created the possibility for Unia to offer e-learning modules on eDiv that are accessible to people with a hearing or motor disability.

      Erens Leona - Coordinator at Unia
    • I really appreciate the quality of CBlue's service

      In the context of the launch of our online course "Sustainable AI in Business", I really appreciated the quality of CBlue's service and in particular their responsiveness which was incomparable.  Their flexibility and professionalism makes CBlue a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to rely on.

      Julie de Bergeyck – AI Project Lead at Agoria.
    • I'm glad to have a web host with a great team and services!

      I have been working with CBlue for 7 to 8 years now and I am delighted to have a web host with a great team and services! Mr. Ligot is always very helpful. The equipment and services offred are serious while the staff is qualified and efficient in the emergencies to manage. We have tried other providers that really disappointed us, but since we have been with CBlue, all our problems have been solved (hardware and software) and we have not had any major problems!

      Roman Mazzulli – CEO of Zzam

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