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Since its beginning, CBlue has specialized in the Learning Management System (LMS), i.e. the online learning management system thanks to the adaptation of the Moodle™ platform (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). Developed by the Australian Martin Dougiamas and his Moodle HQ team in 2002, this invention is used to create communities of learners around educational content and activities and allows for synchronous or asynchronous training. As its name indicates, this technology is particularly modular and allows for easy integration and adaptation.

Thanks to its open source code, Moodle™ Logicial is one of the fastest evolving e-learning platforms. In fact, a new version is released every six months. Its approach is to build as much as possible on its own experience and on the experience of its users. This is to avoid the risk of introducing new problems in the code work. The platform therefore regularly releases new features in order to remain at the forefront of its field.

Although Moodle™ Project is a very complete program that can be complicated at first, it has many tools or modules that allow you not only to customize it to your image (theme module, activities, etc.) but also to hide and/or highlight features according to your needs (adding a poll or quiz, an assignment tab, an explanatory video, etc.).

In this work of permanent adaptation, the key to success is the quality of execution. This is therefore a very important axis at CBlue.

* The word Moodle and associated Moodle logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Moodle Pty Ltd or its relate affiliates.

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