From the beginning of the project

We set up, with you, a project framework to guarantee the quality of our achievements. We start by restating your needs in a specification. During this phase, we define the project schedule and identify the various constraints.

From the beginning of the project and at any time, you can get in touch with your project manager.

At the same time

We provide you with access to our source code management platform: Gitlab. At any time, this platform allows you to retrieve the code that we will develop for you. The use of Git and Github facilitates the maintenance of the project throughout its life. It also facilitates updates.

From the beginning of the development

We set up a first validation platform where the results of our work will be placed. Each developer has his own development environment, so it is easy to see the progress of the project. It is only after the validation of our work that we place your platform in the production environment.

During development

Then and throughout the life of the project, we move forward, together, with an agile method. Our methodology, which you can find here, involves a project management platform, a submission to our validation platform and, finally, a production launch. It allows us to manage very large platforms requiring a very high availability rate.

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